• WHITNEYMANNEY Presents ArkhiMODiste @ The Box Gallery

    Closing October 30th, 2015
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Behind W/M: The Blog




#WMxHallsKC: What a Day!

Back in 2013, I happened to be walking around the Plaza with my boyfriend, not too long after I finished my 2nd collection for KCFW. I was kinda frustrated about my possibilities of how far I could take the collection, how many store rejections I got and cute stuff like that. After while, I stopped talking and something in my heart changed. I looked at him and said 'I'm gonna make it into Halls within 3 years'.
Who knew?! I can't thank God enough for Kelly Cole being at tha
t ArtsKC event & hearing my speech, the Halls buying & visual team, everyone who helped the PrimaRebelle collection come to life and my purpose.
(The WM DigiTee is my favorite! Easy to wear with leggings, denim, shorts, etc. and made of super comfy jersey)
I can't tell you how dope it felt to see people pick up merch off with my labels in it and walk out with a piece of me in a Halls bag. It's absolutely unreal, this is like rockstar status...this is what dreams are made of. It makes the 6 weeks of planning, figuring out how to get gas & fabric, tears, anxiety, disappointment, needles in fingers, sleepless nights, excitement and joy worth it. This whole process was a true test of the balance between being an artist and a boss at the same time.
(The snapbacks are VERY popular!)
I can't begin to tell you the amount of business knowledge that I've gained since the start of this process. It's really easy to get discouraged as an artist in such a "lil' big city"...you gotta stay consistent but not over saturate, your peers are constantly around, at times it feels like your vision isn't what the people want or you feel like you need to fit in to be supported...all I can say to that is hold on! Never change your creative story for what may seem "in" right now, I have come to terms with my "maximulist" aesthetic a while ago...and now I am confident that it can be supported and the art of it all is genuinely appreciated. 

(I didn't make the white vest but it pairs nicely with my Crown Yourself Sateen Skirt)
I especially love what we created with the installation, mad props to Taylor and Seth for making that happen. I've always been a fan of large baroque inspired frames...you know me go gaudy or go home! I was cool to create depth and dimension with the mannequins, frames and painted pallets.

We mixed in pieces from other labels carried in Halls on the back mannequins, which I think is cool because it show's customers different styling options..there's always a way to work a WM piece into any type of style! 
Thank you to everyone who stopped by on Friday night! The installation will be up until May 31st and my pop-up (the front table and racks) will be up for 2 weeks...After that I'll be in the racks next to Kate Spade, Clover Canyon, Elizabeth & James and many more. And this time, I will take the time to be proud.
Proverbs 31:25 '...strength & honor are her clothing.' -WM