All Day Every Day Tote: Croqui

All Day Every Day Tote: Croqui


Style, space and more space....everything we need in the perfect everyday bag. Incredibly sturdy, you can put any and everything inside this bag and make it through the day.

Need a change of clothes, some snacks, makeup, a laptop?! Just throw it in the bag. The silhouette allows for the shape to change and expand with the amount of essentials you put in the bag. 

The Rundown:
15” x 15”
Inside zipper and phone pocket
Spun polyester canvas
Nylon strapping

About the pattern:
Sketches are major to the creative brain of WM. My sketches used to get unsolicited remarks for being flat and long legged…you have seen me right? Make a special part of the StudioWM process, your new go to tote.

Make It Mine

Double-sided print, adjustable handle, and fabric liner with interior pocket.

croqui tote bag