Misty All Day Everyday Tote v.4

Misty All Day Everyday Tote v.4


Denim, microsuede, apparel lining & canvas

Style, space and more space....everything we need in
the perfect everyday bag. Incredibly sturdy, you can put any and
everything inside this bag and make it through the day.

Need a change of clothes, some snacks, your make up
a laptop?! Just throw it in the bag. The  silhouette
allows for the shape to change and expand with the
amount of essentials you put in the bag. 

Built with a strong denim base, this bag is here to stay. 
Each bag features three WM croquis on the front that are
hand drawn and painted individually. The girl's are based with micro suede for added detail and quality with denim straps
making for carrying comfort. 

Our Zipper Pouches are a perfect pair with this bag! 

Need It Now

Bag Flat Measurements: 
22" across top edge
20.5" in length
17" across base
25" x 2" strap length/width