Large Drip Acrylic & Enamel Earring: Neons

Large Drip Acrylic & Enamel Earring: Neons


Came thru drippin’…

A poppin’ cut drip shape with fresh drippy pattern for the ears, yes please!
What started as a hand drawn idea turned into an experiment with the laser cutter and organic flows to create the flyest WM earring (so far). Big in umph but light on the ears, the drip earrings are the perfect way to put some flava in ya ear.

The Rundown:
- Laser cut acrylic + enamel
- Hypoallergenic posts + rubber backs
- Measurement: 1.5” wide x 2.25” long
- Each pair of earrings are handmade in the WM studios, please note that the colors will create a unique pattern with each pair

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Large Drips make a bold statement!