Lepbow Scuba Lycra Biker Short

Lepbow Scuba Lycra Biker Short

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Leopard print is the mother of all bold fashion prints, the neutral of fierce, the mixer of all patterns. Lepbow is an experiment in mark making a classic, pairing it with a hand painted foundation and a soft pop palette.

The Rundown:
Made with 100% Digital Print Active Lycra (80% Polyester/20% Lycra)
No print or color blur out when stretched
Active Lycra is thicker than your basic spandex, hugging to your exact fit
Waist to hem measurement:

Need it In My Closet
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Style it! 

  • Pair your leggings up with a matching Scuba Bralette

  • Make 'em pop with an oversized vintage tee

  • Flex your style and muscles in the gym

  • Need a bit more coverage for your fave skirt or dress? They are perfect for layering

  • Make it a casual day with a fresh pair of sneakers