When She Rises Presents
Ladies Love Project Pop-Up at SPARC LA Venice Beach

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So the big day finally came...
My first experience traveling out of the metro area with WM. I'm writing this a week later because I really needed the time to process what exactly happened! About months of prepping, praying and packing led to five hours of being apart of a truly dynamic event.
If you've talked to me in the weeks leading up to the event, then you know my main concern was how in the good name was I gonna get everything there. Product, display items, racks, hangers, shopping bags, etc. plus I needed to be done earlier than normal. Whew...yeah it was that deep. Luckily, my parents decided to come along since we have family in Cali and make it a double duty trip...this meant more packing room for me! The only thing I couldn't get in a bag was my rolling rack, so an impromptu trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond had to happen. 


I arrived in LA two days before the pop-up, and it felt like I was working up until the last minute. Not on sewing thankfully but little things like rechecking for hanging threads, creating SKUs, loading inventory into Square, attaching hang tags and more. 

It was incredibly hot in California, I think I picked the hottest time to be in LA. I was hoping to get a break from KC's ridiculous weather but I'm convinced it straight up followed me there. This was my second trip to LA, not as chill as my first trip since this was for business but I'm glad I got to make it to fashion district, catch up with friends and see the ocean. 

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To be honest, Saturday was a blur and I had incredibly high expectations...possibly a tad too high for my first west coast moment. All in all, I can't be mad about it...I hit a goal! Numbers wise, I didn't do any worse than any of my previous pop-ups so I'm going to take it as a win. I learned some great lessons about making a table pop with what ya got, allowing for help to help, and inventory control.

I have also got to learn to relax, in person events drive my anxiety through the roof but I need to figure a way around that. It can be hard to remember to take off all the hats and be present in the moment. Half the time I'm thinking way too far ahead instead of being proud of the now.

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"When She Rises is a 10-week intergenerational and intersectional knowledge exchange through art, opening Saturday, July 7th, 2018, with a global art market, public art, and programming (panel discussions, screenings, workshops)." The place was packed with minority female artists, some that I actually look up to so it was cool to see their work in person + experience the live performances and murals. I wish I had more time to browse work and booths but entrepreneur life is real. The new leggings, bralettes, Croqui tees and zipper clutches were super popular among guests. I'm excited about the purchases that were made and the new people I was able to introduce to the world of WM. 

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So, I did it. I made my LA debut. I'm excited to return on a runway or in a retail space next time around. Always grateful for any experience that leads to growth. Toofly and the When She Rises team did an amazing job organizing everything and taking care of the artists, plus singer Alexandria , DJ's Spinorita and Jillesque killed it with the jams. I'm back in KC with new work and a Cali tan...ya'll already know Imma keep the vibes going. 

Peace Out,