WM @ American Daughters x Horticulture Pop-Up

Last weekend, WM participated in the Women Makers Pop-up hosted by American Daughters and
Horticulture KC in the historic West Bottoms


American Daughters is "a women's group based in Kansas City focused on creating opportunities for women and girls to engage in discussions, empower one another, and seek leadership positions in everything they do." Horticulture is a vintage and modern boutique located in the located at 1323 Union in the Bottoms. Ya'll have to trust me when I say that Horticulture is such a beautiful space and they have some amazing vintage plus dope KC based designer's product in stock. The vibes are so on point, Megan & Zach are such gracious owners. 

This was WM's second time popping up in the bottoms but fourth event total. I was incredibly surprised of the amount of traffic and genuine customers that came through...pop-ups can be rough! You spend a week or so making last minute inventory, realizing you're out of business cards, loading up, unloading then flip it and reverse it. But the energy of the room was so pure and supportive.

I was booth neighbors with Lexadazy and Almond Eye Creations. I've known Lex forevs and
got to know Allysha over the 2 days while we talked business, art, lounged on vintage couches, sat in the window, listening to records and becoming addicted to the Huji Camera app (seriously go download). Basically, a ton of empowering conversations. In the end, I had a great time and got to make some new customers...plus I snagged the cutest 1960s organza dress. Stay up to date with our upcoming events on our Let's Hang Out page, you never know where we may be setting up in the city.