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Self-Employed, Single Member LLC, Disregarded Entity, Solo Proprietor, Entrepreneur, Small Biz Owner, Girl Boss, Boss Babe, Creativepreneur, Solopreneur, Hustler, Mover & Shaker,...take your pick. At the end of the day, you have no one to answer to but yourself. How thrilling, inspiring and free! Yeah, it's all that and then some. It can also be lonely, doubt filled, frustrating and tiring. The waves are business ownership are realer than real. I've always been ambitious, analytical & driven by the culture of WM.  My goal is to strengthen my mental and emotional core to build an unshakable system to weather the IDK moments, but also accept grace for myself. 

Practice makes perfect
I’m still tryna’ learn it by heart ...
I got new rules, I count ‘em
Eat, sleep, and breathe it
Rehearse and repeat it
’cause I got new rules...
— Dua Lipa


During a monthly check-in with my progress partner, I was inspired to create a creed of sorts for my role in WM and values I hope to instill in my future team. We were going through the normal motions of discussing new goals we were setting for the month and what we have achieved so far. During the video call,  I made the comment "I've always been a good employee for other people, I just wanna be that great employee for myself" So that got me to thinking...why do I feel like I'm not a good employee for WM? What can I do to help me strive for that ultimate status within my own business? I've had my artist statement and the label's mission before the start, but that didn't feel like enough. 

When I'm in studio at the 15th hour, stuck not knowing what's next or up at 3am at the computer with 20 tabs open and editing patterns, feeling as if I'm punching the gas in park...I wish I had an objective person to ask what's needed next . 
"We should make our own employee handbook!" I suggested. Employee handbooks, you know that thick stack of papers you sign your name at the bottom of and promise to abide by but we decided to start light and create ten rules. My goal with the rules is to prep my mind for structure, motivation and growth during those times I don't know which way is up. 

  1. Be Honest About My Capabilities: Challenging myself to not talk myself out of ideas, projects and opportunity. I probably have the skill and resources to make it happen, don't say no out of fear
  2. 12 Hours/Week = CEO Hours: CEO hours are the time to take on tasks that build the future of WM, nothing that involves the day-to-day studio schedule. These activities could include working on financial projections, researching new sourcing partners, continuing education, etc.  
  3. Talk To Me Nice!: Dreamdoll has a point, I really need to start watching my mouth in regards to how I speak to and about myself. This is something that I unfortunately have neglected for many, many years but I know I would never talk to anyone else that way! Self-compassion and grace are crucial for my strength as a business woman. 
  4. Busy is cute, productive is glamorous: Pretty self-explanatory
  5. Respond to emails/calls between 10am-5pm: For my sanity and to prevent crazy typos. 

6. Remember your why: Giving myself permission to create freely, explore my craft and other mediums without the pressure of sales goals and product development 

7. Goals are achievable, but you are human: I love a good Wonder Woman storyline but I gotta remind myself that rest, eating regularly and being realistic is necessary. 

8. Be mindful of input vs. output: A lot of days, I feel drained. I go above and beyond to make sure I'm being supportive but need to be aware of when my meter is running low and when to reach out and ask for help myself. 

9. Be grateful, invested in and aware of the process: Boy, will I have a story to tell...

10. Design for the dream that still exists: This all started with one dream, remember that kid. 





I hope this post inspires you to look at your biz with fresh eyes and think about what you need to tighten up on , hold yourself accountable! I decided to print out an 11 x 17 cute copy of my rules to hang up in studio, I made it super official by signing that I promise to abide.  Right click + save a template to the right/download files at bottom then print or download to edit on your phone. Fill it in with your biz name  and what you plan to work by. Don't forget to  tag @whitneymanney in photos of your rules! Here's to bigger and better... 
{Download 1 , 2 , 3, 4}


Peace out,