Jury Weekend @ Stephens College

A couple of weekends ago I had the coolest opportunity to be apart of Stephens College School of Design Jury of Selection...whew that's a mouthful. What does that entail you ask? Honestly when I agreed, I had no idea but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Stephens College is located in Columbia, MO...so just a two hour drive from KC.  I honestly have never spent any time in Columbia. It's a known college town and a good pit stop during road trips. 

If you don't already know, Stephens College School of Design & Fashion program is globally ranked and caught the attention of Business of Fashion as one of the top 10 undergrad fashion programs. I started my weekend with Stephens having a lecture with a group of their students. I decided to talk to the women of Stephens about what does life after college look like when being an independent designer and what steps can they take while still in school to make it a reality. I titled my lecture,  Piece it Together: Life of a Structured Creative.  Stay tuned because I feel like that lecture is going to turn into something bigger. 

The following day, it was time to put on the Judge Judy robe and get to work. We judged about 71 looks total from about 9am to 4pm on a Saturday. When we walked into the building, the energy was high. Models bustling between hair and makeup and the designers getting everything wrapped up. Being apart of Jury of Selection means each juror would evaluate garments from the freshman to senior class. We had to score on things like marketability, trends, craftsmanship, style and more...and we didn't have a ton of time to do it! At a certain point we all panicked about our time management skills. Freshman presented children's' wear, Sophomore's presented skirts and dress, juniors presented custom designs based off of a theme or technique and Senior's presented their capstone.   

It was a tough job to be apart of the jury. I remember those nerves all too well of working on something that you believe in and hoping it makes it to the end of year show or your senior thesis. The talent of these students was inspiring and immense, so much amazing work! I didd't take any photos of the collection portion of the day out of respect to the students and faculty..but I did follow who I could find on the 'gram! It was hard to sit there and not write my orders down and pass it to the designers...they are more than runway ready! 60's inspired coats, Kill Bill vibes, high fashion athletic wear, looks ready for protest and runway..and so much more!
If you can, be sure to check out The Collections 74th Annual Fashion Show to witness the greatness

P.S. Shout out to Stephens faculty! Their hospitality and great organizational skills made my time their great and another shout out to the other judges, always fun meeting new fashion peeps!