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Worlds Otherwise Hidden at
Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art 

Featuring Nevin Aladağ , Kimsooja , and Nari Ward.
"Worlds Otherwise Hidden features the work of three international artists who interpret the complexities—both beautiful and challenging—of cultures shaped by migration, immigration, displacement, and exile." 

We The People, Nari Ward 2011 

We The People, Nari Ward 2011 

(the artists) combine and transmute specific objects, designs, and symbols from divergent cultural contexts in their video and sculptural installations. They explore issues of fractured geography, creating new space for dialogue and revealing worlds otherwise hidden.
— Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
nari ward wethepeople


The Kemper has been killing it lately with their main exhibitions. I think it's incredibly important to recognize institutions that are using their platform to exhibit artists of color. This show was mind blowing for me, so many textures and colors packed into one show. The fibers background in me beamed with joy on arrival. The layout of the exhibition is well done. I enjoyed being able to feel engulfed by the Mango Tourist and walking through Kimsooja's To Breathe—Zone of Nowhere, investigating each pattern break was a breathtaking experience. We The People really took me out. The piece changes with every perspective shift, plus being able to see the amount of process in the work is magic. Ward states  "..this wall drawing reflects how a democracy is composed of many small parts-its citizens. Seeing the work from a distance and reading it as abstract drips of paint or loose threads suggests that the values of democracy may not be visible, or available, to people at all times."