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The Lemonade Panel: Black Women, Beyoncé & Popular Culture


The release of the visual album Lemonade ushered in a new era of Beyoncé. More than a pop album, Lemonade elevated the stories, struggles, and history of Black women in American in a way that hadn't been previously done. 

The Lemonade panel will facilitate a discussion of Beyoncé's cultural importance, artistry, social/political commentary, and empowerment of women of color. The event will include conversation interwoven with viewings of music videos.


Whitney Manney, Fashion Designer
Julia Haile, Singer-Songwriter
Cecilia Belser-Patton, Co-Founder of KC CARE

While this conversation will intentionally center black women's voices and experiences, all are welcome to attend!

Space is limited.

The Drawing Room is in the lower level of Monarch Coffee. Due to stairs in the historic Ambassador Building, there are accessibility limitations. If you have accessibility needs, please contact and we can help make arrangements for you! (Lower level bathrooms are ADA.)