Talkin' To My Reflection Tee

Talkin' To My Reflection Tee

from 28.00

“I must confess, you're looking fresh (so fresh)
Yup I'm impressed, go 'head and flex (flex, turn up)
Everybody be hatin' the way that you stealin' the show
…boy, I ain’t talkin’ to you, I’m talkin’ to my own reflection!”

This digital illustration is one of my absolute favorites. Oddly enough the graphic is inspired by Fifth Harmony’s jam ‘Reflection’ and those daily pep talks we give to ourselves in the mirror throughout the day as a reminder of who is really running things.

Dye sublimated onto an 100% polyester ladies’ fit tee…but don’t worry this poly has a looks and feel like the best cotton jersey.

Mirror, mirror..who’s the fairest?! You the fairest!

Need It!
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